No transition from preparation to performance
Beautifully Good
The train hits the building without destroying it
The mountain from the sea
Trees from the seeds
Time from a machine
Sounds out of the tarpaulin
Life to love to hate with stupendous frequency
The moth of ecstasy
Circling the smoke of Nirvana
The vinyl records stop blowing
Mosquitoes bite
The window  opens
First of the two-zillionth Rain
And the Coltranish-electronica
Sets the mood for a couple of trials
No transition from preparation to performance

In the Meantime people will kill, hit, steal, sell, complain, transfer
And stale
Not knowing how when why
But later sigh
And if you keep on asking me - 'What is the diameter of the Earth?'
I'll keep on telling you - 'It is such that it can hold all of us.'


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