dear 0

The oranges keep coming to me in this summer telling me about the modernization or rather the re-organization of the whole thing. I am not commenting whether or not this excitation of the whole space is good or bad. But I hope that it brings us closer. I hope it creates honey combs for them to survive. I hope it creates water. I hope it creates green. I hope it helps the oldest tortoise to live farther, to breathe farther. I hope it creates oxygen and the other things.
I hope the hairs in your neck forever send me the smells of youth. I hope the eyes are just the same. I think you asked me a question the other day – ‘When would you like my voice to sing?’ I think I gave you the answer. ‘Even in the almost silence-ness in space’.
I think nobody is a complete stranger. It’s just a theoretical comment just like the comment that entropy is zero at the zero Kelvin temperature. Well that can be true for the entirety and its true. But locally these things are there just like everything is there from war to peace; from peace to love and back to war; back to love. And you believe it to be there.  I believe that you are not a complete stranger and I hope the reverse is believable too. From melodrama to the water melon to the rise and the sunset – no matter what but Nature shifts us so that we can meet up; we can touch; we can kiss; we can love. And the intermediate signs, styles, weather, time, wait; don’t really matter but the Nature keeps on working tirelessly to make that fast. It’s just a lag at times between us and the Nature perhaps for our over-confidence or over-smartness or over whatever.
Hope and pray that time comes fast and then at a Friday night we’ll unite. Till then we’ll try to help one another from a distance like gravity. I know these things don’t happen forcefully. It will just happen. Just.


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