Somehow Adu and Sondhya get created. I could have left the game with that one liner. But I will once again make an effort to create something hazardous. A virtual waste. Excuse me for the coupling of Adu and Sondhya. But they were created together without any loss in time.
Time is running. They have begun their search. I cannot observe all the things they are doing as writing and observing together cannot be done with precision. So I will be contradicting or criticizing myself on my observations and writing. I will at times go back to the start. At times I will try to say of the present. And if I feel (which I will) I will try to predict the future but without absolutism. At times I will take rest and give some general stuff. So I am not really sure about the course. It might be coarse or smooth or whatever.
Well just for starting let me share an observation. People seem to quote too much history of anything –some of science, some of history, some of politics, some of environmental education, some of literature. They are citing examples from the literature in normal conversations. Perfect time, error-less names, fluid story or facts. They are not talking about themselves or their local observations or their local people. They are trying to fix a larger world to perfection but they are not trying to fix themselves. I can’t comment on the badness or goodness of this disease but ‘’.
For sure they are trying to be famous. But it’s okay. Perhaps they are trying to attract the distant lover from somewhere who is doing great in life and they want to signal him/her (come down to me and see what happens). They are asking for a chance.
Like when we are down with a higher body temperature we want the rest of the people to know that –‘I am down please care for me and look after me. ‘
They want to show through their work – ‘See I have read or heard or seen so much of those things in books, songs, cinema etc. Better pay respect or I will easily corner you down to the pocket.’

Mota roga katao
Pyaar bharao
What do you think of this ad-line? It’s meant for a cooking oil company. The first line is in Bengali. The second line is in Hindi. Khao is common.

I use English. Some use Sanskrit. We are both Bengali. Now why English? Why Sanskrit? There is not an answer. You can give me the ugliest slang. I will accept. I have no pride. I have no shame. 

to be continued.................................


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