The door

I was in a place of extreme choice. Choice is not the right word, still. There were also known faces who were observing you with precision. I had a finite time in hand. There were doors. How many? Actually, many would be an understatement. There were one word flex boards atop each door. One said ‘Blindness’, one said ‘Lust’, one said ‘Go’, one said ‘Fast’.
I was repeating a mistake every time. I was measuring time every other instant. At times getting excited over a ‘word’ would make me measure time to check how much I have to finally select a door. It was like an empty bus. You have all the seats to start with. All positions vacant. But you get constrained when a second boarder approaches the bus. Then you wave around frantically. And the selection becomes hasty with which you, in general, are not satisfied. You keep on shifting till you are moderately satisfied. That choice too breaks when the last boarder boards. You have 2 seats left over which you fight. Finally placed you realize that it was at the bottom of your list. But you calm yourself down and start liking your seat. Perhaps.

So I was there in front of infinite choices but constrained by a finite time to choose. What would you do? You would do a data collection. You would see how many are going through that door, how many through the other. I did the same thing. I finally got a ghostly direction out of nowhere which chained me down to the door named ‘Peace’. It took me close… closer…….. I was about to pass through but the chain set me free at the final moment. Halt. Relief. I shook myself off. I stretched myself. I took another measurement. It said me that I have 10 seconds to go. I boiled down frantically to 3 choices - ‘Peace’ as directed by the Gods or the Ghosts, the anti-thing naturally came to me; thus emerged ‘Terror’. What about the third? 3 seconds. The nails gave me the third energy, sorry the third word. I checked around for the door with that name. At once spotted it. I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.


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