Torch bearers in the state of rust
We are trying to be happy to be happy to laugh in a mesmerizingly unhappy state. People are grinning over their lives.The life such over a sheet of rust. The zinc-ky life which keeps on sending current from different directions. You get stable receiving and adjusting the current from a certain direction since quite a time. Then one day all of a sudden direction changes and tweez you to hell.  Always suffering from hyper-tension, hyper-pressure, hyper-whatever not being able to recover from the previous effects that these diseases brings over easily. I hear that the soldiers get neologistic after returning from camps,borders, wars of possession. They use words to communicate which holds meaning to them and them only. For example - My wife will be free from the tortures that the automatic machines are inflicting upon her. 'Wife is country to him'.But others thought that he had gone mad.They had  an information that his wife was dead a year ago.

The binaries in the world shows me how the world, my country, my people are advancing. Only a few is enough for the rest to become mad. Insanely. Difficult.

I have been following a mad woman these days. She turns out at places and interrupts the free flowing conversations of those seated. A man and his son were seated at a tea shack near the beach talking about a river and the village and life across the two sides. The woman appeared from nowhere casting a blank look impossible for others to guess what was going inside her. Riddles were waving around her inside and enforced by the salty wind made her outside wavy too. She stood there. Their conversation weakened. Irritation stood in between. Like the irritation I was succumbed by while watching a theatre where feminine physique brought in an irritation. It should not have but it gulped me down. It was intentional I think.

To be continued........


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