She asks "Is it necessary to have boundaries?" the heart asks the imagination. Ever so often. Can't we fly, can't we dance, oh can't we live.

If I think the entire thing as fixed as something which has an end and then a different beginning I will confuse you like a spinning electron in a local magnetic field. Where was it? Where we go?

We say these things. We say of isolation. We speak of stratosphere,ionosphere,etc.

For eg : When asked to name a thing when given the description. Each of us thinks all the possible things it could be. And then the teacher makes me stand – I answer it’s an apple. And then the teacher makes you stand – You answer it’s a pear or whatever. Someone says another thing. We were thinking of all these things, the boundary was expanding as newer things got introduced. And then when asked to answer we name it to be an apple specifically or a pear or an orangutan or whatever. You I We cannot even guess verbally or quantitatively the possibilities of this set. Heck  set does not exist.
No boundaries. Transition from this to that with simple precision.

But why do we say. Because we were questioned. Again who made the teacher question. So already there is not a boundary to the thought. You can see that things are losing its way to break rigidity. It breaks with light speed away to somewhere. Nowhere. Yet there is no boundary. The sink and the source. 

We are flying. We are falling.We are dancing. Why dont we feel it?
Again an example. You are walking at 5kmph. A train too walks at 5kmph. Can you see the train moving?
Likewise We are doing these things along with everyone else. Hence we cannot see it. 


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