Attempt to accept or deny

The mother asked her boy to bring her a rope from anywhere he could. The boy searched over the entire place and then headed towards a big tree. The tree looked devastated from the last night’s storm. Beneath the tree lay something crippled. On close observation it turned out to be a woman (lying upside down) with a rope around her neck. The boy tried hard and finally pulled out the rope from her neck and ran towards home.
The boy handed over the rope to his mother. The mother kissed her boy.
Next morning he was strolling around. He again went towards the tree. He could again see something lying crippled from a distance. He went nearer shaking with a hope of learning something new. Today it was upside down.He sat down before the same body. He placed his hand onto her forehead.  And slowly rubbed it. With time. Patience. And then something happened like the world broke the river stopped the glory the pride the shame shattered.

The body opened her eyes and smiled. 


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