If we were similar we would not have seen one another at least visibly. At least how someone(or me) sees a physical world. There would not have been reflection from that different thing or loosely the extra same thing that our eyes/nose/ears perceives. Thus creation. Thus null to infinity.  We would not have reached from point A to point B. A wave. No. A rainbow. No. A telephone call. No. An electric impulse. No. No simplicity. No Difficulty. No judgement.No wall. Good or Bad. And all these things we see/use/do to communicate/attract/evolve. Authenticity.Excitement.Great and the worse. No.Dichotomy.Inner. Out. No. Physics.Chemical Engineering.Economics. Geography. Red panda. Black horse.White tiger. Percussionist.Saxophone.Violin.Computers.Poverty.Wealth. This. That.Cry.Laughter. No.History.No.

We still are will was similar.
We will try.
Your fear my fear.
We will try.
We will walk.


  1. We are as similar as we are different.


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