My friend will call it a middle class elite-ness and that you only say 'big' things.
I don't mind your thought Sir. It's quite natural.

Kiss in the rain.
Hiking with a sexy backpack.
Stories in the elevator.
Bisleri over tap water.
KFC over dumped garbage.

As growers we are succumbed by these things.
I have 50. I spent that.
You have 20. You spent that.
Its about spreading of the 50 and the 20.
Till the wave gets normalized to the wave.
Yes its elite. Yes its not thinking about the 20.Yes its about having the 50 again.
To spent.
Pool over Pond.
Soup over dal.
Scalene over equilateral.
I-Phone over whatever.
Pad over lap.
Digital over pen-paper.


I see a butterfly and it reinstates the concept of Dispersion.
After a time you like 50 and I like 20 for a time.
You would want to go back to 20. I to 50.
The game continues.
Till we  understand ordinarily 20=50. Home=Home. Bisleri=Tap water.
We laugh to the mystery.

Post Script
A friend who has a tattoo of  Buddha in his arms was once asked in an interview - 'Why Buddha?'
He said - 'Symbol of Peace'
He was not eventually selected. I don't say that it was particularly due to this answer.
People these days are not liking the answers as ought to be. People have never liked the answers as ought to be. Always in search for a different explanation.
Thus emerged real.Thus emerged abstract.


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