Shake off the mundane and get ready for the UNKNOWN

I hear  these things these days more often. Lets start with a farmer. If he stops working doing the 'mundane' thing over and over again-what will happen. If a garbage picker stops -what will happen?
If an IT Professional stops -what will happen?  
I know these things are local excitements, frustration, wish to do or be something different. But to advertise these things is not needed I think. For eg : Nigam dont like to hear Azan nowadays. This might be a local feeling to him for whatever reason but he had advertised his such local feeling to the world or his feeling got leaked to this world. Then he would definitely call for a trouble. It will bring oppositions from those who thinks/feels Azan is a beautiful piece of work. I think Sonu Nigam too feels the same thing. Now a friend cross stated - Azan is indeed a beautiful and a difficult piece of art but in order to sing one needs to be trained. I replied what will then happen to the local aspiring Azan singer who wants to sing whether trained or not is truly secondary. He too is an aspiring singer. All of us are looking for a chance to do/be something mundane or not mundane is not the point. Then he again questioned - what is the need for Azan to be played publicly? I cross questioned - Do you know what made you take birth?
   And what is unknown? Everything got known when this that all the world got created- I say that to you if you are too serious or obsessed about finding the unknown. Take it slow. You too will get to know the unknown. I know you might say what if everything got known when will I perceive that. You will. But you got to be doing that mundane thing all over again. 
     Its repeatation of events,places, phenomenon all over the cosmic entirety. Nature likes repeatations. We too I think. 


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