If K

K was a fisherman a century ago. A director was filming a story of his in his then native state and he predicted one evening with his hat on that this water will dry up one day asking K what would he do then.

The band party plays the music for a wedding. All the instruments blowing hornily sounds like the music of a snake churner attracting all the local snakes from their cold state.
K started singing a song. I don’t remember the lyrics but something about the immortality of his river.

The prediction currently is half accurate. The river has thinned. One can observe the depth and take counts of the lives inside. The count has fallen down horribly. It’s all because of the power given to us to count. The fear arises now. What if the river thins down to zero? It’s all because of the history recorded about the river. It was 10 metres wide then; its 5 metres wide now; it will be 2 metres in another 5 years and then the extrapolation predicts that it will be zero in say 20 years. What if the river thins down to zero? Now if another director would ask some another fisherman and if the fisherman is aware of these information – then he won’t dare sing a song rather keep thinking of the day when it would dry. That’s why you hear about newer diseases every other day. They need to make money out of all these things. Well its a part I do understand. These were there earlier too but nobody had then given them a name and thus was fine. Or its still not there today but due to civilization or advertisement of such things in the media one tends to think about these things and thus not dare to sing a song.Perhaps.

But I will continue to pray that the fisherman continues to sing about his lover about his river.


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