The other day I was travelling in a bus. The conductor was super dedicated. He was asking for the
ticket from every other boarder. He was oxygen.
The other night I was awaken by oxygen. The potter was building life. The carpenter is building life. The runner was making life. The mountains hazing life. The mountains are melting. They are uniting life. The lady singing life. The old lady continuing life. The young boy writing life. And I am learning. The worst thing perhaps to do is to learn. Is it? One is not calmed by what he/she/he-she does. Or is everybody calm? The energies all around breathe and un-breathe oxygen like packing and unpacking uniqueness for a journey. The distant lady is fluidizing life. The saint arranging life. The leaves are holding life. The sun sending life. The stars moving life. I once again read life and it makes me meditate life. Big things. I think it is important rather than sit down and decide to un-decide whether big or small. See I once again contradict life.
The hilly road carries me from A to B daily. The bush sings. The sun sets. The whistle blows. The young boy rides his cycle. The tourist couple makes love. The man and her woman at the tea stall laughs. The old man lights a cigarette and breathes. The old guard locks the villa. The half old man plants a seed.
I am repeating all of you. Still let’s repeat. Oxygen repeats to sustain life. Old to new. The prostitute is opening life. The dog is smelling life. The cats are jumping life. The well is pulling life. The boat is clearing life.
The singer fills life. The cleaner cleans life. The worker works life. Someone is transcripting and transferring life.

It’s more than I can say. Surely. 
Hi!!! Laugh for Life.Cry for Life.Life for Life.


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