dead and born are just 2 states

Vacuum is a good absorber of sound. What is this vacuum. Sound cannot propagate in vacuum. Where does the sound go? Vacuum is a no known space. Like death. Like birth. We have heard of dead pockets inside reactors . Some material fed into the reactors just gets swallowed inside these dead pockets. Vacuum or a dead pocket absorbs both sound and material.

Quick sand. Dilemma.
Seed. Lungs.
Are they vacuum?
The opposite is followed by the opposite.
The crow sighs. The star blinks.The grasshopper lands atop a leaf. The leaf jiggles. We try to breathe. And comment.

‘Tell me a bit about yourself.’
Don’t worry like you I get that question daily. From the time we wake up to the time we wake up. Let’s take an example.
At a given day I wake up at 8 30 in the morning.
 I do a quick stretch to shake off the sleepy molecules which surely wants more rest. It retaliates almost instantly saying ‘Give me 5 more minutes.’ The sleepiest molecule says that to me. Then comes the 2nd sleepiest molecule. ‘4 and a half minutes’. The third says ‘My friend give me 3 minutes’. This continues till the most active molecule too asks ‘Common let’s give an average time out to the rest’. If we concentrate on the word ‘Let’s’ – what does that tell you?  The most active molecule is kind of a middleman – a negotiator between the rest of the sleepy molecules and me. This clever molecule is on both the sides. He made me a bit sentimental by quoting ‘let’s’ and for sure he wants the other like molecules to be happy too.
Given I am a human at equilibrium that is when I sleep a second observer looks at me and says that I am a human to him. Now when I wake up there is a shift from equilibrium. Out of me 2 in fact 3 things gets created - Me, the sleepy molecules and the middleman. So I ask a question instantly – ‘knowing that they are sleepy molecules then who am I?’ The middleman says ‘let’s’. Then am I something like the middleman or what. So ‘who am I’ is similar to ‘Tell me a bit about yourself.’
After a lot of negotiation when I say the sleepy molecules via the middleman –‘ I won’t give you any time’ ( Realize negotiation takes a lot more time and that 5min have already passed by and the sleepiest molecules along with the rest have won the war already). Still. Now they retaliate in a chorus ‘Who are you to give us time. We will sleep.’
So the question comes - ‘Who are you?’
If I sleep more then I become sleepy. If I wake up I the sleepy molecules becomes me. What about the middleman? Since he is active he roams about like a king in his rocket and if the second observer wants to test whether I am alive then it is that active molecule who answers back saying ‘They are alive. ‘
So we are good so far. Right?
I realize that I am not that good in explaining. But I am also not too far from the explanation. It makes the explanation wavy but that’s how the entire thing works. The waviness hits you differently at different times and you reach closer to me. Still you and I don’t merge. Still there is a finite waviness in between. That’s how it works. Perhaps.


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