I don’t know whether we are here but you are there for sure

The confusions stroll down the ladder in the form of water, gas cylinders and the sound of the cat. The air. But they are always in my head. Out of this confusion one spills out observations quite striking. To go or not to? To or not to control? This push from the side or the other. I can hear your heart beating. I can. I won’t ask ‘where are you?’ I can’t help myself getting dispersed. Breaking like the densest star. Just scattering like blood over someone hit by the car. The action on the Rohingya people who ever since is wandering is hard to tell. And when I speak of them I speak of the everyone who are being/have been/will be enforced on some grounds. I don’t know whether someone is there beside them or to help them but they are there for sure. Really hard (a weak expression). Encroaching on the authenticity is a weak word. Abuse is a weak word. Rape is a weak word. Genocide is a weak word. Violence is a weak word. The action on them cannot even be described by the action of the Atom Bomb over the places. The entire accumulation of the action of the bomb dropping and destroying is weak to describe such that they are going through. We need a big banged word. A new word like a new life. Everything is weak to describe what they are going through. Scattering out like the gas out of the deep well. The lights from the genitals or the holes of the sky or the stampede over the moon or the inkling of the eye. What do you mean by light I ask? What. The rope ripples back and forth. Every day we are just in an attempt to harm on the authenticity of every other people. Every moment. Every whatever. If this is false everything is false.
Yet when I think upon the fact( or whatever) that the realizations of every people ever since ‘ ‘ through their works, efforts, walks, sleeps,diseases,threats,submissions,devotions,killings,healings,stealings,wanderings or whatever happens every other moment it makes ‘ ’ stand/sit/ still. Perhaps the continuum which is again a realization gets ‘ ‘ like every accumulation of every continuing realization. The crow shits down upon ‘ ‘ hand and ‘ ‘  feels warm and continuous.  How will you name an infinite line? How will you?
The DNA will crack into a sound. People aren’t quenched even after raping. They cannot be though. They want to insert longer things harder things inside the holes of the woman just to get that feeling of bliss (what else would I call it). After effect of a tsunami. It wants to destroy till the last. Bottles, rods, whatever. They want to see the pain in the woman eyes. But why don’t we understand that we are ourselves feeling the pain. We do understand, don’t we? Still you fish and I drink. We want to relish it. Is not it? Is that so easy? Is it so easy to beat them down? Is it so easy to hunt down on the freedom? Is it? People have been hunting animals say tiger for ages. Even then we can find tigers now. Is it so easy to extinguish? Is it so easy to kill?
We cannot harm nor do anything to nothing. People are finding it hard to realize.  Every time I feel as if I am killing, butchering, murdering, raping, threatening, burning, encroaching, stamping, humiliating, terrorizing. Why don’t we get it? Why? I think everyone feels as if they are killing, butchering, murdering, raping, threatening, burning, encroaching, stamping, humiliating, terrorizing. Still we are repeating it every possible time. Still you fish and I drink.  Still this is been written. ‘Like a bridge over troubled waters’. In an attempt to harm/love or anti-harm/love. In an attempt......
The social imagination of a boy trying to explain it beautifully is getting exhausted every other time thinking what for I am even trying to explain it amidst such actions everywhere all the time. And When I am speaking of the boy or the imagination I am speaking of everyone who is trying to do/be/ something. I think all are trying even the ones who are killing, butchering, murdering, raping, threatening, burning, encroaching, and stamping, humiliating, terrorizing. Try. Breathing is one of the most common aspects of society. Why are we not breathing?
When asked what is silence?

It is the accumulation of every possible sound beyond our imaginations. Listen. It allows you to choose. And we are not allowing ourselves to choose. We are trying to enforce. Still you fish and I drink. Still this is been written. ‘Like a bridge over troubled waters.’ And the breaking of the meteorites. 
The other day people were discussing culture. What is the culture of lightning,fire,water,air,sound ? I know its not that easy. Still.


  1. অসাধারণ! The fluency and coherence in thought is incredible.


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