Oh the red lighted building in this age of beautifully ordered chaos. And the moon lighting white making the eyes mesmerized. It’s hard to accept the disdained but it is the truth. The beautiful filling of black from the white. And the random processes that encounter throughout the glorious age of mystery and of absolute uncertain-ness with a belief that it will absolutely occur someday and that it is occurring now. The lightning green pond beside the red atmosphere and the channeling of the impurities to beauties. The sprinkling of the beauties from the rigid  dark core. The cold air and the transformation of red to violet and the entirety. She comes down the ladder alighting all of us in this beautiful everything. All mixed. All discrete to serve our purpose. Just before averaging it out. And statistically picking up randomized samples to give off a beautiful representation of this fun. This bliss. This black and white flapping revolutionary. The touch and the glow. The shape and the circling. The loss of physique to understand the mystery of the universe. The sun ill cladding now somewhere over the black strong cow and the staying of the white half filled moon in the bright blue sky. And the birthday of so many. The birth of one. The concept of multiple universes is not hard to figure. The existence of the land, the sun, the human, the animals, the trees gives us a sense. The gifts from the colorful pond. And the rise of the lady from the beneath to make it clear.

Celebration is the basic.It is why we are breathing. The moon can be physically made twice an it again re-joins.



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