Hello I am a rat from Mars
We were walking past the Mother’s House looking if we could attend the cheap lunch. We were walking past beautiful roads with beautiful green trees with white flowers with bud like projections.the dogs barked. The sunlight drenched the world. The drain was a thick black flow underneath the bridge. The air was electronic. And we were walking crazily in this crazy world on the edge.  And then we approached someone waiting specifically for us on the door of the mother’s house.
We asked him, ‘Can we attend the lunch.’
‘Are you staying at one of our residencies?’
‘No’ (We were staying at a cheap hotel by the central road which merged in to the sea taking a left turn and taking the right and circling around to meet the former to meet the sea. )
‘What is the time?’
I don’t remember it now but past the scheduled time for lunch.
‘Come tomorrow. Where have you come from? Coming for lunch at this time.’
Something happened. The potential fuse fused and the circuit got open and gave me the permission to throw whatever.
‘I am a rat from Mars.’ (I used it once and it was the second time).


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