Say I have spent     1+ 1 in some year

The value 1+1 is rendered as 1 in some space time….it does not mean that the other 1 is rendered invaluable   like say in a paper I have the following content   I LOVE YOU  when I Xerox it  is rendered as I OVE YOU …does not mean that the L is not there.  I have to render it as hidden in the new space time. To make it congruent with the original statement I have to use a pen and in the new space time I have to introduce that letter L.
So in the new space-time I have to recover that 1 and render it as hidden but extractable…I have to take my hidden depreciated value which I have already kept aside and put it beside this 1 to make it 2. But I have to spent some extra years to make it done.


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