A tale of urination
We were sleeping in a room. I could see some of my friends sleeping too. And someone was supposed to wake us up. And then it was concentrated. Time was structured as a fine dark stream. Like matter underneath a geometrized shirt. Too beautiful. And then someone woke up. We checked the time and it was a tad late. We had to hurry down now. Then again concentrated. This time like a circular dark pond. I started releasing urine. 
Equilibrium broke. And then I am off to this side. The process of urination had stopped leaving impressions of the phenomenon on my clothes. I sprang up and straight to the toilet to complete the activity. I re-changed. It was 5-30. And the atmosphere was electric. The field lines guided me to a beautiful observation. The tinge of cold, the black sky and the white moon. The moon was a thick creamy strong source holding it tight. I laughed and the entirety shrugged.
Would you like to see a diagram?
I call it the entropy diagram.


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