I talk of a traveller here. She did not reciprocate to the God and moved on like the sexy scientist from nowhere who lit the light and that of emergence called certainty. That sexy scientist told that it was not necessary to believe in God as the experiments were happening. ‘I will call out’, when required. Till then experiments are happening. Just with whatever. She tells it to be a stick. He calls it an accelerator. Yes I am jealous to the limit of happening. Yes we want further excitations of the space and time. We will finally talk of the sand and the water and something which emerges out of the sand and the water. That is superiorly sexy.

I learned of a name. Kabi R Das. I asked him don’t you write KABIR.
He did not visibly reply.
I did not dare.
We were playing with words then. Arbitrarily. Sound coming off and then the breath that we hear.We wrote board and then we scrapped off d and wrote boar. And then comes the miscellaneous things. Why? When? What?

The things that track down my interface is cokish. You like the smell but it’s said to be toxic. Yet the palette seems to refill itself beyond the questions and allows us to get drenched. Its not that I do not like to address questions. I do and that’s basic. I stand with my arms folded. And you sit beautifully crossed legged. And we look into ourselves and you look at me and I look at you. You are Buddha. Me an observer and I can look just onto you forever. Your hairs have adhered tightly against your face but your eyes are untouched and always will be. The sea breeze moistens your face and your love. And parts of the pond with its black and wave and the colours allows me to reflect the same. I repeat your beauty everytime and the cold and the hot gives me a representation of you. Do you always dance? Do you always sing? You are the basic though. You will always carry yourself beautifully brightly like the first sun after cold. You will walk across the road when traffic halts the world. You will sing when the earth weeps. You will interfere light if it wants to commit suicide and drag it out of the black hole and scatter. You will always be basic. You are like the big damn brown shiny cow which walks in the road with pride and beauty. You are the disciplined tiger that while hunting hunts. And that I will call meditation. You have taught me meditation. You are the crocodile that can stand in the bright sun still while all the rest is moving haphazardly showing brownian motion.
With Regards.


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