Last night I thought of You

When I say you hear
When you breathe I listen
When we talk we talk
And then we cry.

I am in my latest
We know there is no more
Yet we talk to expand our spaces
Yet we talk to get no more

But I got to get the prize
I know we will get
Where is the advancement?
There is the belief
That tiny whisper talks of many
That tiny talk of competition
and I like that
We get tired
We move

We talk of the competition
Yet we see the futhther end normalized with the sky

And i wrote a message to you
I knew we would not meet
and then we succumbed to the moisture
We felt we would breathe
I am having a problem
We perhaps drank a bit more
Yet that would not essentially matter
We will discover the best.

Alongwith the gunions of mine
We will love oneself immensely
And then it will come.

Like a breezer
Like the wind.


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