Okay you are the greatest

I walk by the lanes in a state of this beautiful creation called night. I listen of your stories. We talk of friendships. Even if nothing is exciting the wanting to meet is exciting. There is sleepiness in the streets, perhaps after a day of hard work which we misinterpret as drunkenness. I know it is not serious. Light is casting some shadowy phenomenon showing its ability to bend. We fill ourselves with laughter. We wish youngness. We then tell we are young. Any day any time.
The head gets stirred. The table turns. Water gets filled. From hotness we feel cold. Our imaginations and the reality mismatches. But we look into our eyes and we hug.
I hear of you. I jostle in excitement. We drink a cup of water. And then look into the sky and the tree to zoom in. We see a star at the farthest. And we look at someone laughing extraordinarily. We spot an old. We go nearer and then we laugh to one another. We smoke a cigarette and we move hoping to meet back soon. People are trying. Stops and then starts. Is not that fascinating?
Yes you are the greatest. You talk low and do many. Yes you are searching even after doing so many. Yes you laugh even if you have failed. Yes you give advice even if you have not kept the advice. Yes you have lost patience but you show some superior forms elsewhere.
Yes you are the greatest. ‘Look into her eyes.’ It is fascinating. Yes you are the greatest, the ultimate.
Yes one day you walked lone from the northern side. Yes that day I walked from the southern. I stopped to light a cigarette but the main intention was to put my head down. Yes because you are the greatest. Even if it is addiction. Yes you are the greatest.


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