The feet of the two mothers was where I was feeling myself to be at. Too wide, too spongy, too strong. They walked carrying the outside but felt so light so windy so beautiful. One thing that I felt last night was that I completely gave myself to the outside. In and out resonated.And it was rather electronically harmonious. I kissed the land. I touched the surfaces and I was feeling everything shuddering in joy.It was not a heavy resonance. But light and simple. and now I look at the just space which my eyes can see and its aerially magical and light and simple. They are still moving like the strong and light butterflies and my eyes rested on this celly man. This man had his head covered with white wavy hairs. This man had his eyes alive. And a laugh. and it was trance. I felt like meditating seeing him. And I felt that I see god. He could not be any less. And outside it was dark light phase transiting to bright light. Few information flew across reflecting transmitting emitting from surfaces showing me the participation of everyone in this choice called life.


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