The rubber band
There is a rubber band in my pocket. A lover and her lover and their lover are meeting somewhere in the middle of a real road. The road do not end either way. The road has some windows. A door and then at the back of it further doors but I cannot see them. I started moving around. I started creating circles. Erased it. I started drawing a line. Erased it. Then I tried to do all sorts of crazy things. Then suddenly I felt I don’t know anything. Then I heard someone whisper. Pause. To my ears.  I know few things. The crow threw some heavy sand towards me saying that I know a bit more than what he thinks I know. Fuck. My impatience is growing like a river. The ants are moving perfectly towards the space where I urinated a bit earlier. They could sense my impatience and used it to move towards the urine. I have two rubber bands in my pocket. Just two. I have had rice and fermented fish in the afternoon which tasted beautiful. But not the fish they were over stale. I don’t mind the staleness of the fish. But the staleness of the fermented fish sucked the fermentation and made it less in numbers. And multiplied the staleness outside which I could see dancing with energy. That was a bit irritable. They mocked me and laughed like innocent children atop a mountain. They could not see that there was a valley down below and then I mocked them. I took out a lime from the valley and smeared over the fish and gave it some fermentation. They tasted energetic. We were playing this random game and finally we reached somewhere when we both started loving each other. And then everything was fine. Few things for sure. 1 thing for sure. Some fractional things for sure.  As if I was reaching my orgasm. As if blood was dripping. As if the sky was migrating. As if wind was travelling. As if I am not hungry. As if I am riding a bike with someone invisible whom the dogs can see and therefore keeps following my bike barking loudly to tell that someone is sitting behind you keep it slow she is trembling as if made of an image very light but  flashing  100000 waves per time scale. I have three rubber bands in my pocket. Specifically three.

Everyone is speaking the same simple definitive language these days. I feel free to accept and give the ripples of this simple creation. How much simple could it be! I have no idea. No one does and no one knows definitively why this simplicity. What for. The birds are returning to their nest(s).Once again.


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