I worked once in a lab, at least pretended to work, who used to work (or still is I am not sure) with a protein system called ubiquitin. I ran down the alley collected all sorts of information I could and threw it for a temporary victory. I knew it was a short cut. But I know, just know, why ubiquitin. This could be misleading but yet again we are born to believe and wait for the aero-plane to land down after loads of exploration over Mars and space. As the bad-ass said ‘there is indeed a lot of room in/at the bottom or the button’. Lots of proteins to get folded lots of particles to get mixed till at a Friday night we unite. ‘It takes a tiny time for the wheel to return back. It will.’ Binoy says that to me (rather whispers too softly for brilliant certainty). He is indeed an expert in this whole love-affair.  And the calculations he did while in the hospital suffering or rather been suffered from a disease of love called ‘’ is finally been rewarded in some space-time. He is a scientific poet. And the Durgas are getting born via in-vitro fertilization –the midwife being Subhash the poet and Subhash the physician. People look for short terms short cuts like thirst looks for water just like addiction looks for alcohol just like hunger for food. But the water and the alcohol and the food meet at the place of origin. People call it ‘Sangam’.


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