Every time I wake I want to tell
The beautifications everywhere of you and the else
Live your dreams high
And that is essential
The grass that we slept over last evening was beautiful
The entry to the grassy patch was even more spectacular
And I thought of a child who would crawl over the grass to absorb in that entire thing
The sky is electric once more like the imaginations of a galaxy
Two men shook their hand
Two heads met
We were tight in situations
We were tight
And we proclaimed of a celebration
Of openness of touch of that pulse which gets excited when meeting the ones whom we love
And discussing courage
And a saint whom we would want to meet
And keeping the optical device tight into your our eyes
And we feel calm so slow
We feel of the entirety
Yes we require something to drink and eat
Yet I feel that will get minimized
Flow baby flow like the dancers on a wintry night amidst a world of jungles
See baby see the rush
Of your nails trying to scratch into me
Of the pimples that grow
Hiding first and then let it off to dive into the madness
Breathe breathe
I am slow like the sun forgetting relativity
Like the breeze that would just carry off the pollen
Like the growth from a next-door to a mountain from underneath the river
Like the laughter on a hopeless meal
And like you who will never meet till slowness gets over


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